Curse of Kabis
Cyclops Vale
Demons of the Burning Night
Eidolon City in the Sky
Emer Book I: Haestra & the History of the Emerian Empire
Emer Book II: The Northeast
Haalkitaine & the Imperial Court of Rhakhaan
Islands of the Oracles
Jaiman Lands of Twilight
Journey to the Magic Isle
Kingdom of the Desert Jewel
Master Atlas
Nomads of the Nine Nations
Quelbourne Lands of the Silver Mist
Shadow World Player's Guide - The World
Sky Giants of the Brass Stair
Star Crown Empire
Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn
Tales of the Loremasters I
Tales of the Loremasters II
The Cloudlords of the Tanara
The Iron Wind
The Orgillion Horror
The Shade of the Sinking Plain
The World of Vog Mur